Hello! Welcome my name si Carolina and I like PJO , comics, anime, manga , movies and Loki Laufeyson plus every badass/sexy villian in the comics
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Gotei 13 presents their latest videogame! 
Rukia’s route is one of the most popular. Get yourself a copy to find out!

But I think in this twisted LOVE SONG,
I’ll express what is to come in the future.

Klayley + ours 

[inspired by ccajera comment ]


been catching up on Adventure Time ( and Sky Witch gave me feelings fingerscrossed!!they’resocutetogether)


JAJAJAJAJAJAJA ¡Morí con el último! xDDD Pobre Leo xD


”good cause once I finished this will be your lullaby little wolf”

make me choose meme >>lydiaprettymartin asked : klayley walking or klayley piano


Klayley + reasons why we love them    4 / 24    [inspired by x ]

         #4 Because they both have a low self-esteem


A typical day for Klaus and Hayley before Rebekah arrived in New Orleans

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